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Hey there! I'm Brandi, the face behind the chair! I was born and raised in the PNW and have been in the hair industry for 9 years. I've spent most my time in the industry specializing in color, styling for brides and photoshoots and extensions. The last 7 years I've been an independent stylist, growing my brand and business investing in trainings, continuing education and furthering my skills, and it has been both wonderfully challenging and rewarding!

My style and brand consists of lived in hair colors, mostly focusing on enhancing your naturally beautiful hair to bright beachy blondes! I am also an extension specialist, for the last 4 years I've been certified in beaded track extensions. My passion for extensions has grown into a love of being able to giving women the hair of their dreams!  

xo, Bran

My Story

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 Im located inside Wilder & Co. Salon in Edmonds, Wa. Wilder is a laid back tight-nit group of girls where we all individually run our own businesses. We love working as a team, creating together, being our most artistic selves and get to spark inspiration from each other all while being our own bosses. Our owner, Marissa Danekas, has created a bad ass and beautiful environment where you can hangout and enjoy your time getting the hair of your dreams! 

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The type of extensions I offer are a beaded track, hand sewn extension, also know as handtied extensions.

 Whether it's for length or thickness or both, beaded track method extensions are the most versatile, unseen and comfortable extensions out there! Extension pricing is unique to every client and prices are based on desired length and thickness. All extension appointment will be booked after an in-person consultation. Pricing includes extension hair, custom coloring, installation, cutting, styling and styling kit. Consults are required before any new extension bookings.

Prices vary from $700 - $1800

Deposit required at booking of appointment. 

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Over the last few years as a hairstylist I’ve really found the style of hair that I love and enjoy doing the most! I’ve invested in learning more techniques upping my skills and learning from people who’s style interest me and fit my vibe the most! Everyone has a style and a brand and for me that means anything from lived in hair colors, focusing on enhancing what you naturally have to those beautiful bright blondes! I want to give you what you can maintain the best to have the most beautiful hair possible! What I post on my page and on the gram you'll be able to see the color and styles I really love to do the most. Ive been certified in hand-tied (beaded track) extensions for 4 years now and that has been a big focus for me. If this fits your vibes and your hair dreams I’m the gal for you! Please understand that if I don’t take you on as a new client its because I believe there is someone even better out there to give you that dream hair or I simply don’t have the availability. Know that I appreciate every person who sends in a waitlist request and I’m beyond overjoyed every time someone chooses ME to be that person! Can’t wait to meet some new faces and create some beautiful hair this year!! 


Waitlist information  

Waitlist is currently closed* 



I have decided to close my waitlist to ensure I have availability for my current clients and have a better work/life balance. There will be no waitlist moving forward, instead every few months when I have the extra space I will look back through new client inquiries and/or post new client appointment openings on my instagram for those who want to get in with me! (keep an eye out!) I will mainly be taking extension clients and color clients that are a lived in style that matches my specialty. I will only be talking on those who can commit to a Monday-Friday schedule and select times that are more strict based off what I have available. My weekend client list is full.


All new clients must summit new client inquiry information before booking. No new client appointments will be excepted until I've had an email consult. You can email me or DM me on instagram. 

Please include information below:

* Pictures of current hair (front, back and side) in natural lighting 

* Hair color services you usually and/or have receive in the last year 

* Details of your hair goals + inspiration pictures 

Email information to


*Online booking is for current clients only. Please do not book until you've had a personal consultation with me.


Thank you so much for supporting my small business!! I'm so excited to now offer you all access to an online shop that puts all my favorite beauty products at your finger tips. You'll have access to brands from Loma, to Unite and Living Proof. As well as skin, body and hair tools and more! I'm just a message away for any product questions or recommendations, please feel free to reach out! Enjoy beautie! 


Love Bran

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18521 76th Ave. W, Unit 105

Edmonds, WA 98026

Sun: Closed

Mon: 11AM - 6PM

Tue: 11AM - 6PM

Wed: 11AM - 7PM

Thu: 11AM - 7PM

Fri: 11AM - 4PM

Sat: Closed

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